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Every Jumbled Pile of Person...

Justin B
Just because you're on my friends list, don't assume I read your journal.

This journal is not friends-locked since I'm very much an "information wants to be free" kind of person. I believe that anything you post, even friends-locked, will eventually end up readable by anyone for all eternity. As such, I never post anything I wouldn't mind everyone finding out eventually. Even further, I take it as a general rule in life to try to not do anything I wouldn't mind everyone knowing about.

Conversely, I am usually honest to a fault. I have had friends tell me I wield my honesty like a blunt weapon, and I often get called a rat bastard for my open criticism of other's faults. Over the years I've toned down my rat bastard nature and now just don't say anything if I have nothing nice to say. However, if you ask me my opinion, you better be sure you really want me to answer.

The Current is the best radio station.